Arshogram Yantra

The idea originally developed and promoted by renowned ayurveda doctors in favour of Public Health. Our team also gives technical support via web. The idea behind promoting the technique is to provide better health care through ayurveda expertise.

New Arshogram Technique Version 2.0
From our YouTube Channel


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Traditional technique of using Proctoscope of greater diameter and size is being replaced or used simultaneously in examination of a rectal case by small, light weight, electronic camera and light fitted Arshogram Yantra. The Arshogram Yantra not only records the findings of case but also documents them for future reference. The Arshogram Yantra is liked by most of the ayurveda doctors since it is more convenient.

Helpline : 09639226600, 09761617385

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Sample arshogram in action



Sample video of arshogram yantra working model


Sample arshogram report (Real patient)


Click here to download the PDF broucher



Sample Arshogram Report Cover



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18 Responses to Arshogram

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  2. pawan gupta says:



    • Dr. Sandip kshirsagar says:

      Please arshogrsm caust and I am interested in kshar sutra so please detail send me. My cell no. 9422658648 I am in Maharashtra latur district. Sir Iam waiting for further guidelines Thanks


  3. pradyumna panda says:

    Can i read here…………..very good technology ……………


  4. Dr Krishna Sarma says:

    ArsogramYantra is very easy way to visualise the entire area with no diagnostic error. It will really bring threat changes in the field of Guda Rog Diagnosis.
    Plz give the detail of Price and where from can it be purchase.


  5. Dr Krishna Sarma says:

    threat change=great change


  6. Dr M.D.P.raja says:



  7. Dr Mohammed Thameem says:

    Sir I need dis instrument
    what is the cost n what is the procedure to purchase it


  8. Dr Navin says:

    good effort Dr


  9. jai malik says:

    Boss tell me its cost..when will be next demo


  10. Dr.Subhash Poonia says:



  11. Pawan Ji After anal exam how to wash the pointed camera. Though it is water proof, isnt required sterilization before 2 nd exam? If yes then how to sterilize the pointed camera? Pls guide. Thank you.

    Regard Dr Pronab Haldar Indore


    • How to make Wash Arshogram Instrument
      Step 1 : Wash Distal part with clean water
      Step 2 : Rinse with Spirit
      Step 3 : Allow to self dry
      Step 4 : Rinse with 5% aqueous Turmeric Solution
      Step 5 : Rewash with Wash Distal part with clean water
      Step 5 : Rinse with Jatyadi Oil

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  12. Dr.Rameshwari says:

    Great job


  13. Dr. Manashjyoti Sarma says:

    Sir, very good job for development of Ayurveda. I m interested to purchase this. What is the cost of this instrument along with the process how to get it? Pl inform


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